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The Contours Gym Mount Barker is part of the Contours female fitness franchise with over 70 locations Australia wide. Contours Mount Barker is a womens gym that caters specifically to fitness & weight loss needs of women living and working close to the Mount Barker area. Conveniently located at 1 Kookaburra Lane, you'll find it fun and easy to be a member at Contours Mount Barker.

If you're looking for a fun, friendly gym for women that helps you fit a workout into your busy lifestyle, look no further than Contours Mount Barker. Since 1998, Contours fitness and weight loss studios have been helping women all over the world achieve their goals.

Contours Mount Barker

Business Type: Womens Fitness Centre, Weight Loss Centre, Ladies Gym, Female Fitness Club

1 Kookaburra Lane
Little Hampton

Telephone: 08 8398 4883
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Contours Gym Mount Barker Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 6am - 8pm
Saturday: 8am - 12am
Sunday: Closed

About Contours Mount Barker

At Contours Mount Barker, our friendly motivated fitness trainers are there to help you improve your fitness, increase your energy levels and even shed a few kilos. Simply ask us how.


Experience the new wave in women's fitness - it's fast, it's friendly and it's fun. The Contours Gym Mount Barker is unlike any other gym - we invite you to experience the difference today.


In and out in just 29 minutes.

At the Contours gym in Mount Barker, our innovative exercise workout takes just 29 minutes from start to finish, including warm up and stretching. So you're in and out in no time. The workout combines weight bearing equipment with a cardio workout, so you're improving your strength and your fitness at the same time. Best of all, there's no waiting to use equipment - our unique workout system keeps everyone moving. And unlike some other gyms, we use real weights, so you'll see real results.



We make women’s fitness an easy exercise.

At Contours Mount Barker, our friendly female staff can help you achieve your goals. We'll take you step by step through our innovative 29 minute workout. And we're always at arm's length for additional advice on working out, losing weight, your eating habits - or simply a chat! We have an exercise and diet plan that's right for you. And because we're small we can get to know you and your needs - it's like working out with a friend. Drop in today for a chat and to find out how easy it is.


Fitness that fits your lifestyle. And your hip pocket.

We recommend 29 minutes, three times a week to see real benefits. That's just an hour and a half a week - so it will suit even the busiest women.


Contours - Fitness for women on the go.




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Contours Mount Barker Facilities & Services

And probably the most appealing thing about Contours Mount Barker, is that it's affordable. You're not paying for fancy change rooms and child minding, just a great workout with friendly, trained professionals. You'll be surprised at how inexpensive our gym membership is. Why not book in today for a free trial - it'll only take 29 minutes. 


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